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Add support for more than 260 characters to Winzip - both create and unzip

Winzip is not able to create or unzip archives with more than 260 characters in the name or in the path. 7Zip is able to do this. Microsoft has enabled 260 character support via this method:
Guest 25 days ago in Improvement 0 Community Voting

Convert HEIC images to JPG or PNG

It would be nice to see a image conversion for HEIC images to other image types like JPG or PNG.
Ingrid Kast Fuller 5 days ago in New Feature 0 Community Voting

Provide users with SOPs

SOPs with screenshots are great to use and familiarize with apps and softwares. WinZip is awesome and I think these SOPs would make it greater. There is so much more that we can can do with it and a lot of people don't know half of it.
Guest 17 days ago in Improvement 0 Community Voting

Changing my email address

Today one often changes emails in the professional venue as well as the personal one. I've looked everywhere and there is no place to do that. I will have to cancel my subscription as my email address has changed.
Guest 2 months ago in Improvement 1 Being explored

Enable scrolling for files created in older versions of WinZip

I simply found some older files that no longer enable scrolling. I don't know if anyone else encountered this problem, but it is a simple matter of continuity.
Alfred Somerville 17 days ago in New Feature 1 Community Voting

Improve Windows11 file system Explorer R-mouse-click access to WinZip zip and encrypt

Using Windows10, WinZip-25 installed itself so the Windows file system Explorer R-mouse-click on a file raised a "context menu" with "Send To..." pick WinZip for a quick compression ("zip") of the file to a (default name) with prompt to a...
Guest 14 days ago in Improvement 0 Community Voting

Winzip Pro Mac Incremental Backups

Please add the incremental backup feature on the Mac Edition, would be very useful to be similar as the windows version.
Guest about 1 month ago in New Feature 0 Community Voting

Give me the option of keeping duplicate files in another file instead of deleting.

I am involved in a large legal case and would hate to delete something that is important. At the same time, I am being overrun with duplicate files after years of working on it. I would like the ability to put the duplicate files in another file t...
Guest 3 months ago in New Feature 0 Community Voting

Provide option to disable or uninstall WinZip Courier

This was automatically installed, but I don't want to use this feature. There should be a way to remove or disable it. Better still an option not to install it in the first place.
Guest 9 months ago in Improvement 0 Community Voting

Add an option to reset ignored duplicate files in duplicated file finder

During the cleaning of duplicate files, when the user activates "stop showing selected files for all items in a duplicate folder” and clicks “Run” to re-run the duplicate job for the second time, the duplicate file finder displays a notification i...
Guest 3 months ago in Improvement 0 Community Voting